About Us

All you need to know about Thames Computer Services

Who are we?

Thames Computer Services are a computer hardware, software and support provider. Thames are specialists in creating software for advertising agencies and creating job management software. We are also specialists in IT support for businesses in the London area. Thames Computer Services was first incorporated in 1980 and have been always in the IT sector since day one of our formation.

Thames has kept ahead of the game with many, many years of experience of developing, implementing and administrating systems and networks.

Thames supplies experienced brainpower together with specialist application, network, administration and support services. We also supply hardware and software where appropriate to client needs. Our customer base is spreading across the UK and Europe from Edinburgh to Portugal and is all looked after from our London Control Centre.

Why choose us?

Because we are good at what we do! We have vast experience of working with some of the UK's largest advertising agencies and finance companies covering some of the largest markets such as Advertising, Finance, Retail and Banking. IT Support, Creating advertising agency software and job management software is a very fast paced industry. We are all enthusiasts and have our finger on the pulse of all the latest developments. This enables us to help your business take full advantage.

We have a strict policy of providing you with "honest advice" - we are totally transparent and are happy for you to question our every move. All of our staff are approachable and love to explain our work in a non-technical way if necessary. We also like to think we leave the selling up to our products and as such do not participate in any hard selling. This enables us to help your business take full advantage of them.

We pride ourselves on only creating the best software for managing jobs with, creating the best adverting agency software and also providing our clients with superior IT Support. We therefore are members of the IPA - Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and BASDA - Business Application Software Developers Association.

What is our vision?

We commit to a vision that is simple to understand, abide by & work towards - Implement seamless solutions that provide many benefits and an edge to our customers.

What do we provide?

We take great pride in the quality of products and services that we provide. We offer:

  • IT support for your desktop and server environment
  • Virtualization of Windows and Linux services
  • Cloud storage
  • Containerization of cloud services
  • Backup solutions
  • Website development and management
  • Advertising software solutions
  • Job management software solutions
  • Extra software modules:
    • Workflow management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Quotinq
    • Invoicing
    • Purchase Ledgers
    • Sales Ledgers