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Project, Documents & Job History

Documents created in Global Office Online (orders, quotes, job sheets etc) are stored automatically under each project. Other material (spreadsheets, letters, presentations and design pdf's) can be stored in the same place also. This means that you can access all the documentation relevant to the job from the job. There’s no need to open up
different applications or whiz around the network looking for different items when you are trying to make
decisions and meet a deadline. It’s a simple to use electronic job bag.

With the Global office online job management system you will have the most powerful document management system working for you. The document repository is stored on the high speed database enabling flexible management, secure storage and rapid growth of your document repository all categorised under your project and clients names.

With Global office online job management system your documents are centralised and secured so you can rest assure that your productivity will increase and your exposure to data loss reduced. Your entire repository can be replicated to a backup database every day by our servers.

Job Control Overview Screenshots

Documents stored in our Job management software can be easily retrieved. It provides for centralised access to all related documentation; offers powerful, comprehensive, cost-effective document management. This ensures fast and flawless access, organisation, and management of project or work- flow, no matter how large or complex the project is. Accurate, up-to-the-minute information is available to the right people, anytime and anywhere in the world.

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