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Email filtering and spam solution to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable cost. Managed filtering services that detects spam and email viruses at internet level
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Stop spam and viruses at internet level before they even hit your network.

What are the benefits of managed email filtering?

>> All email filtered at internet level

Managed email filtering detects and quarantines at the internet level, which means infected, dangerous and unsolicited e-mails never reach critical business networks

>> Reduces internet & Network bandwidth

By adapting filters in real time, managed e-mail filtering will block viruses protect against network attacks and filter up to 100% of unsolicited SPAM e-mails, therefore greatly reducing the misuse of both internet and business network bandwidth.

>> No hardware or software required

Managed e-mail filtering requires no hardware or software, which eliminates the cost of support and maintenance of resource hungry server or PC based software.

>> Real time message tracking and management

Maintain control and visibility of your business e-mail via a secure online real time control panel

>> Global company policy

Managed e-mail filtering enables businesses to develop a single point - internet level, management policy for all company users including mobile and remote workers.

Mail Safe

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Key anti spam and virus detection features

All e-mail virus and spam delivery increases in sophistication, development and enhancements are introduced daily to ensure mailsafe effectively tackles these highly complicated challenges

>> Perimeter checks

Real time blacklists, Sender policy framework (SPF), recipient verification, grey listing may all be tuned to your exact needs.

>> Virus and dangerous content detection

Viruses and malware are automatically blocked by Mailsafe before they reach business networks - the choice of single or multiple level protection from leading commercial anti-virus technologies - Heuristic intelligent analysis - Phishing attempt detection - EXE and active content management - All virus definitions updated every 15 minutes - quarantined e-mails held off-site up to 35 days

>> Spam and un-solicited e-mail detection

Bayesian learning - lexical analysis (including header, subject and body content) - Collaborative external databases - Distributed checksum clearinghouse anlaysis - trend analysis - user black and white lists

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