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Thames Affiliate Program

Thames IT Support Affiliate Scheme

You introduce the customers and we do the hard work !

Join our IT support affiliate program and earn money through your web site! For every paying new client referred to us we'll now give you a huge £50 every month! Simply refer ten, and you've got yourself £500 per month!

Join up its simple and easy and start referring IT Support Clients

It's easy , simply add some HTML, that we generate for you, to your web site and we'll do the rest. We take care of the tracking for you, and provide statistics on click throughs and signup's. Potential IT support customers that you refer are tracked for up to a year after you refer them to us, so you've got the maximum chance of benefiting.

Want to become an IT Support affiliate?

Convinced? Want to make some money? Simply give us a call on 020 7609 9661 or drop us an email to start! Remember we pay a huge £50 per new customer, for every month they're member, so you can very quickly earn a lot of money!

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IT Support Affiliate Program FAQ

How long do you remember people I refer for?

We will remember people you refer to us for up to a year after you send them to us, so you have an excellent chance of profiting. We do this by setting a small cookie in their web browser that gets sent back to us whenever they return to our web site.

When do I get paid?

We will pay you one month after your last qualifying referred signup has begun to pay. If you have not yet reached your payment minimum, we will wait until you do before we make a payment. Also, if you opted to receive a check rather than a bank transfer there may be a postal delay before the check reaches you.

How will you pay me?

We offer either a cheque or, if in the UK, a bank transfer. We will pay you approximately one month after the last qualifying signup, assuming your payment meets the minimum.

Are there any additional setup fees?

No! There are no setup fees associated with our IT Support affiliate scheme.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! When signing up as a support affiliate, you are under no obligation to continue. Should you decide that you wish to continue, you will do so on a month by month basis, and can cancel your account at any point.

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