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IT Consultancy

Conultancy & Strategic Planning - we don't just do the donkey work!!

Thames recognise that many of our clients have no in house IT staff or indeed, thanks to us, any need of them.
Our basic proposition is that using our well thought out support services avoids the hassle and extra cost that this would bring to clients with less than 100 PCs..

We recognise though that most contract support services, even pro-active, well considered propositions such as ours, do not fully address the breadth of services traditionally provided by an in house IT team. Often IT strategic planning and basic product advice/consultancy are sidelined. Full time IT staff are expensive for a small to medium organisation but there is still a need to think strategically about the future of their technology platform.

Strategic Planning.

Thames actively wish to participate in your organisation's IT from the planning stage, right through to delivery and on going support. It is essential that we understand where you are going, to help you decide and to help you arrive safely.

To encourage clients to work alongside us in strategic planning, we provide a 50% SAVING against our standard hourly and daily rates, on all time used for attending IT planning meetings or related consultancy work. This enables you to call in our consultant engineers, at an easily affordable cost, to help you decide the most effective IT plans for your organisation, especially useful when this requires complex planning or research.

This enables you to really use our expertise to your best advantage.

Basic product advice/consultancy.

Thames have always provided our clients with such advice on a totally FREE of CHARGE, no commitment basis. From what laptop should your M.D be buying to how best to get your building cabled, we are here to help. Just call your nominated account representative for a relaxed friendly chat.

This service covers hardware selection advice on PCs, servers, router, firewalls, security software. We can help you choose which form of Microsoft licensing best suits your needs and best of all. You don't even need to buy from Thames unless you want to. Either way, we will still offer our commissioning services, if required, on the delivered result.

Now that is what we mean by SERVICE.

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