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Email Server Support

Email Server Support

Thames will support your email server ensuring you are protected from SPAM and email Viruses.

Thames understands that email is the key system for most businesses to communicate to each other with. Where would we be without E-mail nowadays? It is such an integral tool for business communication that it seems as if it were always there. Rapid growth of Email as a business resource has provided many benefits but has also led to confusion as Spam & Emailed virus attachments have seriously dented E-mail’s effectiveness.

Supporting your email server correctly can be difficult as email is open to so many threats. Spammers are constantly ahead of the game fighting IT support departments trying to get their email through your defences and read by your users. Thames email server support solution protects your server with the most up to date security patches and security configuration.

Thames will manage your email system completely including this for example:

Upgrade Installation includes:

  1. Add disclaimers and signatures to outgoing Exchange Server e-mails
  2. Thames will performs regular database maintenance on your email server
  3. Manually examining and optimising your email server system files ensuring they are up to date.
  4. Creating custom mailbox quota's for you email server ensuring your users mailbox's are managed
  5. Updating and maintaining your email servers global address lists
  6. Archiving email accounts when they hit predefined quota levels
  7. plus much more is included in out email server support solution.....

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