Double Take - Server Mirroring
Real-time data replication and server mirroring software.
Complete protection against server hardware crashes.
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Safeguards & backs up your critical business servers ready for fast recovery

Double-Take server mirroring enables fast recovery from any server outage. Double Take server mirroring captures data and server configurations to a remote second server completely and ensures it's kept up to date either as and when changes occur or a predefined schedule. Data replication and mirroring can take place anywhere either locally or even globally.

Should a server go down, the double take server will detect the loss and give the option to fail over. During a fail over the double take server is brought back up with all settings as per the original server. Data is already in the correct location and users can log back on to carry on work seamlessly.


Current Copy -
Data and applications are identically mirrored ensuring you always have up to date data if a server goes down
Monitors Change -
Any bytes that change is replicated on a remote server either on a pre defined schedule or when the change occurs
Disaster Recovery -
Create a remote disaster recovery site quickly and easily. Double take software takes all the hassle from disaster recovery
Optimised Data Transfer
All mirrored data is compressed before it is sent to the remote server. Only changed bites are sent over the network to ensure no unnecessary data transfer.
Single Point of Failure -
Remove all the single points of failure from your business by having two identical servers. Get back up and working within minutes not days
Virtual Machines-
Use Double Take to replicate virtual machines and automatically failover to the host in the event of an outage or disaster.
Multiple OS -
Double take can support Windows or Unix either running physical or virtual servers



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Management Console -
Simple user interface that is easy to use and configure. No complicated menus and it automatically discovers other servers running DoubleTake in the same window
Failback / Restore -
If your server goes down data can be rewritten back to the originating server simply.
Reporting -
Reporting within the server replication mirroring software collects and analyses protection statistics and provides reports and dashboards to show protection effectiveness.
Test Failover -
The replication software allows you to test the replica virtual machine whilst replication is still occurring in the background

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