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Backup Monitoring

IT Support - Emergency Response

Thames Computer Support stops problems in their tracks by monitoring your backups and server logs.

Do you know if your backups have worked each and every day? We will here at Thames Computers, because we get alerted at the start of each day for any failures that occur with your overnight backup. Does your IT staff monitor your backups first thing in the morning and do they kick of another backup if the previous one has failed? We do here at Thames IT Support Services.

Many of our competitors make an extra charge to monitor backups or only check the their customers backups only once a month. We include it as part of our core IT support services and we take Backup Monitoring seriously.

We run continuous checks on your core IT systems and monitor email, firewall's, routers, and printers.  We will even check the infrastructure of suppliers who are providing you with services, such as DNS servers, ISP and mail relays. In short, everything your business needs to remain healthy can be monitored.

By monitoring all your critical networks and PC’s we can make sure everything is working as it should be.

If something out of the ordinary occurs, we can spot it and correct it there and then. Before it even affects you. Thames backup monitoring makes sure you will not loose your data

Did you know that 80% percent of companies go out of business after a major data loss for not monitoring backups(Source, DTI) ....

From experience most businesses trust that there backup system is correct and that they have a reliable system in place should the worst ever happen. But unfortunately when the worst does happen which is very common this is just not the case.

Fire, flood, theft, viruses, worms, trojan horses, hackers, untrained employees - organisations today face an ever-growing number of threats to their IT systems. Nobody can afford to ignore these threats when the potential consequences include loss of data, loss of service and - perhaps most damaging - loss of reputation and customer confidence.

With more and more of your companies valuable data being stored electronically, ensuring you have a reliable backup is now paramount for your company to continue operating. Backups will save you a significant amount of time and money and must be monitored on a daily basis and stored in a secure location. This is where we can help with backup monitoring.

Backup monitoring means the backup process log generated by your computer is going to be read every morning by someone who knows how to read your backup log. Space usage is also monitored to assure you that you will not over run your storage capacity and if any problems arise then solutions are quickly formed. Start Monitoring your backups today with Thames.

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