ArchiveOne - Email Archiving
Gives the impression of unlimited email boxes. Automatically
archives Outlook email and give instant access to the end user
Archive One - Outlook email archive

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ArchiveOne simply and easily archives email from your Exchange server, PST files and public folders completely automatically and totally invisibly to the end user.  ArchiveOne keeps emails in the original form allowing the end user to directly access their own emails using Microsoft Outlook.

The benefit to the end user is they seem to have an unlimited inbox size and therefore can keep
on receiving and not deleting email. In the background, ArchiveOne is actually moving email seamlessly to and from archiving as required..

IT departments will now only need to back up small mailboxes and the day to day management
of their Exchanged email server is reduced since there is less data to manage.

Powerful Email Archiving

ArchiveOne can do much more than just archive email; it enables you to list, archive, delete, and un-archive email data. You can process pre or post archiving, making it possible to remove
unnecessary email data and discovered PSTs instead of placing them into the archives, reducing
ongoing storage management costs and “data fingerprints” risks. For example, processing at hundreds of items per second, it is easy to remove all email with MP3 files attached without having
to place these items into the archive first.

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Single search for archived data, the web and corporate data stores
ArchiveOne Express provides a Federated Search interface that allows extensive web based integration with external or internal search tools. One search term will return results from multiple locations such as the archived data store, the internet, file shares, Microsoft SharePoint sites and other corporate data stores.

Access archived email from anywhere including iPhone or Blackberry
ArchiveOne Express provides laptop users with access to archived email even when no access to the corporate network or internet is available. ArchiveOne Express provides the same full access to the archived messages and search tools to users of Outlook Web Access (OWA) as it does to Outlook mail client users without any additional software. Full support is provided for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, iPhone and Blackberry and all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

No database dependency
 ArchiveOne Express has embedded data management technology and does not require the use of an external database (such as SQL Server) therefore reducing costs and complexity. This allows incredible simplicity in terms of administration, implementation and ongoing management. It also reduces the administration, operation and maintenance costs while removing a potential point of failure.

Cloud-based disaster recovery
 The ArchiveOne CloudDR option offers a remote automated disaster recovery service that connects users to offsite storage over a regular Internet connection to help defend against a local outage or due to natural disasters, data corruption, or sabotage. ArchiveOne CloudDR transmits data easily and securely, without expensive software, hardware or high-end connectivity, and is more reliable and affordable than regularly shipping tapes offsite.

Offsite storage and Backup

Antispam & Email Virus Filtering

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