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FAQ for ADvantage, Ad Agency software

Q - How is Advantage accessed by users

A - Advantage is accessed through web browser allowing users to connect from anywhere and from any workstation with an appropriate Web Browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.


Q - What's required to use Advantage?

A – A workstation with a copy of MS Internet Explorer v 5.5+ or an up to date copy of Mozilla, all of which is free. Remote users would need an Internet connection, preferably broadband.


Q - Do we need our own Advantage server?

A – No, unless that is preferred. You can login to the Advantage Website from any location as long as you have a broadband link. We will then handle all server based administration and backups. We can even do your book keeping for you.


Q - Does Advantage software cost anything up front?

A - No, not the software. Users need to have access to an appropriate Server platform. We customise documents and financial structure to suit your business process and provide relevant training as an implementation package. Use of Advantage is based on a pay-as-you-go license and support contract.


Q - Can any member of staff use Advantage?

A - Yes, if they are licensed and have a suitable Browser on their Mac or PC workstation.


Q - Can my clients see their own information if required.

A - Yes. You would need to decide what they should see and create an infrastructure to enable their access, over a secure link, to the information that you would want them to be able to review.


Q - What sort of organisations is the Advantage Media System suitable for?

A – Media Independents and Full Service agencies. Agencies that operate from one or more offices and those that operate from home or on a distributed basis who need a central ‘virtual’ administration system without the overheads of a head office.


Q - Why is 'pay-as-you-go' software best.

A - Once set up and you have agreed how much the license and support charge is, there's nothing more to pay in running the system. Fixing problems (very rare anyway), updating to the latest Advantage, getting help over the phone, or over a communications link are all free. You don't get extra bills for calling us and even agreed changes to the way the application works for you are free. You don't pay for major revision updates and you are not told that the version that you currently use is not supported and that you have to spend on the new software version all over again. So, with Advantage, the running costs are totally predictable and the software remains up to date and fully supported.

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